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Aimee Hayduke

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I joined Scentsy back in November 2009 while my husband was in the Army on tour in Iraq as a way to keep me busy and not think of what he was going through being away from our family fighting for our country.  It has proven to be the best business decision I've ever made!

I'm just amazed with Scentsy, Inc. this company goes above and beyond any direct selling company I've ever tried, these amazing people have YOU in mind!  Since joining Scentsy, I've have been traveling to places I would have never been able to do if it wasn't for Scentsy!  I've been to Colorado (Convention August 2010), I've been to Scentsy Headquarters (Director's Bootcamp - April 2011), I've been to Florida to visit Disney with my WHOLE family (an all expense paid trip - June 2011), Fort Worth, Texas (Convention 2011), Riviera Maya, Mexico (Leadership Retreat - January 2012), Dominican Republic, Punta Cana (all expense paid trip - June 2012), Las Vegas, Nevada (Convention July 2012), Indianapolis, Indiana (Convention July 2013), St. Louis, Missouri (Convention July 2014),  Las Vegas, Nevada (Convention July 2015), Nashville, Tennessee (Convention July 2016), Kansas City, Missouri (Convention July 2017) Boise, Idaho (Home Office World Tour 2018) and Anaheim, California DISNEY (Convention July 2018).

I can honestly say that it's because of Scentsy that I was able to become a stay at home mom in 2012 and we were able to expand our family from a family of four to a family of five.  Scentsy has not only changed my life, but my whole family's lives.  My kids enjoy helping me do my business and it's fun for them.  Who would've thought my own business could be fun for my kids too.  In addition to that I've met so many wonderful new friends along the way, they are my customers, my hostess and even team members, people that I would've never met if it weren't for Scentsy.

Scentsy changes peoples lives, why not let it change your life for the better too!  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a consultant, please contact me, I'd love to share this business opportunity.  You can contact me by phone, text or email. (361)935-7942 or or if you're ready,

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